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My Butchers Block - Wood Care Mineral Oil
My Butchers Block Woodcare Oil 300ml is a food-grade oil that easily absorbs and penetrates deeply into the grain of the wood to help protect, revitalize and moisturize the wood fibres which aids in the prevention of drying and cracking....
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My Butchers Block - Natural Wood Polish
My Butchers Block Wood Polish will help to provide your wooden products with one of the most natural-looking finishes. It will have the wood looking as good as new! The best finish for your wooden products! The Natural Wood Polish...
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My Butchers Block - Potjie Pot Care Oil
  Potjie Pot Oil. South African potjies have heart, history and a lot of soul. So many memories are made gathered around a fire with friends and family while the braai master cooks up a tasty pot. Before your first...
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My Butchers Block - Wood Disinfectant & Wash
My Butchers Block Wood disinfectant spray can be used on all your wooden household products from chopping and serving boards to kitchen counters and even kids’ toys! My Butchers Block disinfectant Spray contains 100% natural ingredients, is eco-friendly, and proudly...
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My Butchers Block - Natural Beeswax Wood Conditioner
The specialized Beeswax Woodcare Conditioner acts as an extra protective layer after oiling your wooden products. The thick layer protects the wood and creates a barrier against unwanted moisture and fills cracks from damage and use. The Beeswax Conditioner contains...
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